Big Dam Bridge

220px-Big_Dam_Bridge_2An aptly named large bridge over a dam was created in 2007 in the heart of Little Rock. This bridge took eight frustrating years to build, the second reason for the name, an "expression of resolve" used by the design and construction crews during the daunting process. This bridge is the nation’s longest specialty built bicycle and pedestrian bridge and servers to promote development around and public use of the bridge in this region. One of the main reasons for the bridge was to promote the advancement of health, fitness, cultural, and recreational activity opportunities in Arkansas.

The Big Dam Bridge, or BDB, connects about 20 miles of scenic riverside trails and assists the connection of 70,000 acres of city, county, state, and federal park land. The bridge fosters a sense of community by serving as a venue for the community to engage in statewide events. In particular, this bridge and it’s foundation, the Big Dam Bridge Foundation, plays host to the largest cycling event in the entire state. The BDB100 Race attracts over 3,000 riders and many more crowd members, making this bridge a major local economy booster as well as cultural, lifestyle, and fitness hotspot in Greater Little Rock and North Little Rock.