Bike Sharing Changing the Way We Travel

If you've been to a big city in the past few years -- New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and beyond -- you may have noticed a change in the streets. Fewer cars, perhaps? With new bike-sharing programs popping up in cities throughout the United States, cities have been cleaner, greener, and less cluttered with auto traffic.

While it may just seem like a trend, the bike-share system has been the product of years of ideas and work by visionaries who believed more bike-friendly cities could lead to a better economy and environment. Simply put, bike-sharing creates a more sustainable city.

The US' main bike-share company, Alta Bicycle Share, claims that in the past five years, their bikes have been ridden more than 35 million miles, on more than 25 million rides. That's more than a billion calories burned, with ZERO fatalities.

What do you think? Is bike-sharing a feasible means of transportation? Will you be hopping on a Citi Bike on your next trip? Let us know in the comments!