Birding and Nature Center

Birding and Nature Center

South Padre Island 

The Rio Grande Valley's premier destination for birdwatching.

Welcome to the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center, the beachfront nature area that provides a birding boardwalk, interactive exhibits, and observation tower.

This center's unique location makes it the perfect place to observe birds, butterflies, and natural wildlife in coastal South Texas, providing your group with an environmental education opportunity like no other. The center's mission is to 'educate the public about the birds of South Padre Island and its environs...with an emphasis on conservation and environmental awareness'.

During your visit, your group will be able to walk on the boardwalk, take a guided birding tour, and explore the natural life of the Rio Grande Valley in general. There are 5 bird blinds to explore, a 5-story observation tower, an onsite alligator sanctuary, 50 acres of wetlands, a special sulcata tortoise exhibit, an interactive exhibit hall, a gift shop, and a butterfly garden. This all ensures your group will 1) not get bored during your visit whatsoever and 2) learn so much about local wildlife!