Birmingham Zoo

Birmingham Zoo

Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau

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If you are craving an adventure that is more on the wild side then this spot is for you, a truly wild attraction located deep within the city of Birmingham. The Birmingham Zoo is a zoological park that opened here in 1955, an animal sanctuary that holds just around 950 animals total, the animals here representing over 200 different species. Many of the animals on this 122-acre patch of land are endangered, representing various places from over six different continents. Typically, groups can spend about 3.5 to 4 hours here, this Cohaha Road hotspot absolutely chock full of educational and entertaining things to do.

Within the boundaries of this popular animal home, you will see such exhibits as the Alligator Swamp, Giraffe Feeding Station, and Savannah Safari. Explore the members of the ‘Feathered Friends’ club, a section of the zoo with over 300 different types of birds. There are exhibits with monkeys, with lions, and even with Komodo Dragons! Walking around the zoo you can meet some of the most notable animals here, such as Babec the Western Lowland Gorilla or Akili the Lion. Groups of 15 or more will receive group discounts, tour opportunities, and access to the Discovery Programs. There will be several daily Children’s Zoo lectures or specials, daily carousel rides, train rides, and even sea lion training demonstrations.*

If your group gets hungry here, have no fear, Nourish 205 or Wild Burger will hit the spot. During your Zoo visit, you will come across the new expanded Gift Shop, Lorikeet Aviary Tiki Hut**, and Giraffe Encounter Outpost**, so save plenty of time to explore your shopping options!

*weather dependent and subject to change.

** Open seasonally. Be sure to check the daily Zoo schedule before your visit.