Black Raven Pirate Ship

Black Raven Pirate Ship

Sunset with Black Raven Credit Black Raven Pirate Ship

Take your crew on a pirate-themed boat ride during your St. Augustine adventure aboard the Black Raven Pirate Ship!

This fun treasure hunt adventure aboard The Mighty Pirate Ship Black Raven is an exhilarating and unique living history and entertainment experience all in one.

Your adventure starts with Blackbeard stealing the treasure aboard the Black Raven and sword fighting his way out to his own ship, Queen Anne's Revenge. The crew, which includes such characters as Captain Chase, Lady Red, Walker Plankton and more, then sets sail to chase him down. While doing so they train the kids onboard to sword fight and a battle ensues that includes cannon fire, broadsiding, and sword fights. The treasure is recaptured and shared with the valiant fighters onboard!

This fun pirate adventure departs daily at 2:15 pm. There is an additional cruise option for adults called The Rum Runner, as well as options for Private Charters, Team Building, Weddings, Children's Birthdays, Corporate Christmas parties with Santa and more!