Blaffer Art Museum

Blaffer Art Museum

Welcome to the Blaffer Art Museum, one of the most cutting-edge art facilities in all of Houston. Located within the Arts District on the University of Houston campus, this museum aims to 'further understanding of contemporary art through exhibition, publications, and public programs'. The museum considers itself to be the 'Gateway' between the university and city of Houston, and we tend to agree!

Blaffer Art Museum has been serving the public since 1973, with regularly changing exhibits and programs each and every year. While we can't tell you exactly what you will be seeing while you are there, we can tell you about past exhibits, such as 'The Future is Certain, It's the Past Which is Unpredictable'. No matter what exhibit you see, though, it will most definitely be worth it!

One of our absolute favorite things about Blaffer is the exclusive Nonintrusive Brain-Machine Interface Systems Laboratory. This high-tech feature is lead by University of Houston neuroscientists, giving you truly impressive education and insights. Guests can put on the skullcaps with electrodes and play 'Exquisite Corpse', an interactive activity based on collaboration and chance.

Student groups of 10 or more can set up special guided tours, custom created to fit your particular topic or curriculum. These tours are offered to universities, schools, and community groups/clubs.

After your visit, you may want to hang around the University of Houston for a campus visit, or just to grab some lunch! There's always time for a little college prep!!