JFK Library and Museum

Allan Goodrich, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

JFK Library and Museum

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston continues to illuminate on the life and history of our nation's 35th president. Located on beautiful and scenic Columbia Point, the JFK Library and Museum is a stunning modern construction maintaining more than a presidential history but a national identity as well.

Standing as a remarkable tribute to President Kennedy, the library and museum complex illuminates on his past as well as the history of politics in America, the office of president, and the legacy of JFK. Seven permanent exhibits and a number of temporary exhibitions fill out this beautiful modern building on topics including JFK's Campaign Trail, the Space Race, First Lady Jackie Kennedy, and also his family among others. Some artifacts you might see home movies shot by White House photographers showing the life and personalities of the Kennedy family, original furnishings from Kennedy's Oval Office, as well as the First Lady's iconic clothes.

The library maintains spectacular collections of manuscripts and artwork including a rare Ernest Hemingway collection. Gifted by Hemingway's widow, the collection contains ninety percent of existing Hemingway manuscript materials making the JFK Presidential Library the premier research center for the American author.

Come by and tour the facilities on a guided tour or self-guided to learn more about the office of the President, the nature of American politics, and explore the history of President John F. Kennedy.