Boston Massacre Site

new_pic13_medOn that fateful day in March 1770, six men were killed by the British Army in a rise of tensions between the colonists and the British Redcoats stationed in Boston to protect the crown's position in America. A minor dispute involving a wigmaker's apprentice and a British sentry fanned the flame into a full riot culminating in the death of five men and the injury of six others. Where the colonists defended themselves with rocks, clubs, and their words, the British used the power of their firearms, shooting the offenders in the crowd. Noted as a massacre by significant individuals such as Samuel Adams and others, the Boston Massacre has been remembered by a memorialized cobblestone configuration outside the Old State House in Boston. You can visit the site along the Freedom Trail for free or take a guided tour provided by the Freedom Trail Foundation to learn more about the massacre and the important role it played leading up to the Revolutionary War.