Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

You all remember those grade school lessons on the Boston Tea Party, of the dumping of tea into the Boston Harbor leading up to the full-fledged American Revolution and the War for Independence. Now, you get to visit the place where it all began, see reenactors recreating that fateful day and the meetings where concerned Bostonians voiced their opinions, and even see tall ships in the Harbor and more.

Start at the museum and see everything from original artifacts from 1773 to holographic displays! This multi-sensory, fully interactive museum strives to reconnect modern day visitors to the history and significant days leading up to the Revolution. After the museum, stop by the Meeting House and get fired up alongside colonial actors recreating the historical events before you go out to Griffin's Wharf and dump tea alongside patriots. The Wharf is where you'll find two fully restored tea ships, the Eleanor and the Beaver, once owned by the British East India Trading Company. Ride aboard the ships and travel even further into the past, experiencing Boston like never before. Finish out the experience at the Griffin's Wharf theater to see amazing, mind-blowing 3D holographic video projections or see the award winning film "Let it Begin Here" at the Minuteman Theatre.