USS Constitution

uss_constitution_boston_massachusettsThe USS Constitution Museum is located in Boston, Massachusetts. It houses the largest collection of USS Constitution-related objects assembled in one location. These collections focus on the Ship’s origin, her role in the early republic, her continuing story, and on those who have shaped her history to the present day. The museum displays a wide range of artifact types, spanning the more than 200-year history of the USS Constitution. They are also rich in a human dimension of the crew. Through personal possessions such as images, journals, and correspondence, the location strives to bring the story of the people associated with the ship to life. The types of collections featured in the museum include: Art and Artifact Collections, Library and Manuscript Collections, and Constitution’s History. The Art and Artifact Collections feature: Arms and Armament, Artwork, Ceramics and Glass, Clothing and Textiles, Personal Possessions, Spoils of War, Tools of the Trade, and Souvenirs. The Library and Manuscript Collections feature: Broadsides and Posters, Certificates, Correspondence, Logs and Journals, Pamphlets, Photographs, Poetry, Printed Media, Rare Books, and Scrapbooks. The USS constitution offers interactive hands-on school programs. Students will learn about how the crew onboard the ship played a role in changing our nation. Featured tours include: Brave Little Sailors, Community and Courage, Simple Machines and USS Constitution, History tells a Story – the War of 1812, Launching to Legend Outreach Program, Join the Mess - Life at Sea, and the War of 1812 why Fight program.