Branson Ballknocker

Located conveniently behind Ripley's Believe It or Not! is Branson's own spherical theme ride, the Branson Ballknocker! You might very well be wondering what a ballknocker is. We're here to tell you it's a 12 foot tall, clear round ball inside which you and one other guest can rest, strapped in safely, before you're unleashed on a wild ride. If you ever rode down a hill inside a large tire as a kid, the Ballknocker will feel familiar. Don't worry about safety though, the design of the ride is guaranteed to leave you happy and healthy as you ride inside, cushioned by a three foot wall of padded sphere and air within the six foot inner chamber where you would be. Get ready to have extreme fun like never before with the Branson Ballknocker!

The fun doesn't end with this, however. Hop in line to try out the raucously fun Branson Wet Ballknocker! This three person ride lets you go unharnessed in up to five gallons of water. A water ride like no other, you aren't liable to find something like this at one of the area's water parks.