Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower

Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower

Baltimore City Skyline Pixabay Public Domain

The Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower has been a part of Baltimore’s skyline since 1911 and a beacon for innovation and the arts since 2007.

It will be nearly impossible to leave the city of Baltimore without visiting the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower, and definitely impossible to leave without seeing it in some form, this city landmark holding a special spot on the city skyline since 1911!

The Bromo Selzer Arts Tower, otherwise known as the Emerson Tower, is a 15-story, 88-meter landmark clock tower that sits on the northeast corner of Eutaw in downtown Baltimore. It sits near the Hippodrome Theater, Baltimore Convention Center, and the University of Maryland, giving it a perfect location for artists and city guests. The historic tower today houses art studios and gallery spaces for resident artists, photographers, writers, jewelers, and architects. It serves as a space to create, exhibit, interact with and sell to the public, and it also works to 'bring 1911 Baltimore back to life'.

Your group will be able to see free exhibits within the tower and even get the chance to be a part of receptions or events such as musical performances and spoken word events. Head up to the 15th floor and see the largest collection of Bromo Seltzer and Maryland Glass bottles within the Maryland/Emerson Glass Museum.

You may want to take a group tour, a 45-minute historic presentation explaining Isaac Emerson, the tower's history, and the working clock itself. You will learn all about Captain Isaac Emerson, the builder of this tower and inventor of the popular headache remedy, Bromo Seltzer. You will also learn about the clock face itself, which was the largest 4-dial gravity-driven, non-chiming clock in the world when it was first built. It was fully restored in 2017 (see video below), restored to its original glory, the face reading 'Bromo Seltzer', and not having actual numbers.