BSR Cable Park

BSR Cable Park

Welcome to 'America's Best Cable Park', Waco's own BSR Cable Park.

This fun water recreation spot is part cable park, part water park, part surf resort, and all fun!! Let us break it down for you:

At the Surf Resort, your group will be able to break up into much smaller groups and experience the state of the art American Wave Machines and enter a 'Candyland for surfers' as they try to master the waves! In beginner mode, you will experience a wave every minute and a half, intermediate bumps that up a bit, and expert really sets the standards with a roaring wave every 8-10 seconds.

The Cable Park itself is the main attraction, just be ready to rent a life jacket, board, and helmet, as well as a 2 hour, 4 hour, or all day pass. Next you have Royal Flush, an INSANE water slide option, but remember to follow the instructions and keep your arms crossed, feet together, and chin tucked! Head over to the Lazy River afterward to relax, this actually being considered the 'world's longest lazy river'. You can even pack in your own coolers for food and refreshments along the way!

If you don't pack your own be aware that there is a Bar and Grill onsite serving up pizza, burgers, wraps, salads, and specials like fried catfish.