Buffalo Naval Park

Buffalo Naval Park

Step back in time as you walk the decks of WWII-era naval vessels and explore the stories they hold. . .

The Buffalo Naval Park is one of the most educational and enlightening experiences to be had whilst visiting the area, this military museum allowing visitors to tour decommissioned naval vessels and learn all about our nation's military history.

Buffalo Naval Park sits on the shore of Lake Erie in Buffalo and features 4 decommissioned naval vessels that served in a variety of conflicts through time. It is considered to be the largest inland Naval Park in the country and it works hard to 'support respect, tolerance, collaboration, and understanding'.

There is a lot you can do during your visit, from in-depth tours of the vessels in the yard to an experience in the Maritime Simulator, which teaches guests how to sail a naval vessel. Visit the onsite Monuments Garden to pay homage to past wartime veterans, then head to the museum to see various U.S military exhibits featuring hundreds of artifacts such as uniforms, patches, medals, equipment, tools, medicine, and more. There is a theater in the Field Tent onsite that plays a loop of educational films, as well. Here is just a little bit more about each of the 4 vessels you can tour;

  • USS Little Rock - This is the last surviving ship from the Cleveland-class of light cruisers.
  • USS The Sullivans - 1 of 4 remaining examples of Fletcher-class destroyers.
  • USS Croaker - A fine example of a Gato-class submarine.
  • PTF-17 - 1 of 20fast patrol boats from the Nasty-class.