Cabrillo National Monument

Situated at the tip of scenic Point Loma peninsula, the Cabrillo National Monument stands as a tribute to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. Credited as the first European to set foot on California's west coast, Cabrillo's discovery made in 1542 marked the origin of not only San Diego but of California. Now a National Historic Landmark, the Cabrillo National Monument is a legacy standing as a white stone statue, topped with the Spanish cross and a resolute expression of looking to a brighter future in the New World.

lighthouse-975940_640The monument is also an expansive recreational park with plenty of outdoor activities to entertain a day away in the lovely golden sunshine that made San Diego famous. With views of the San Diego Bay area, Coronado, and even Tijuana, Cabrillo is the perfect spot for photo opportunities. Not only is the site utterly gorgeous but it's also home to beautiful native flora and fauna including tide pools at the water's edge housing barnacles, kelp, sea lettuce, periwinkles, mussels, and more. You might catch a glimpse of grey whales in the ocean below, see porpoises surfacing, or dolphins playing in the open sea. Also on the park ground is the New and the Old Point Loma Lighthouses as well as the Visitors Center featuring several interesting educational exhibits on the history of the Cabrillo expedition and more.