California State Indian Museum

In the days before European settlement, the West Coast, including the golden shores of California, were home to a myriad of Native American tribes and cultures. In what became the state of California, there once were civilizations of upwards of 500,000 people over roughly 150 distinct tribes. Here at the California State Indian Museum, the culture and history of these great peoples is remembered through illuminating exhibits, archaeological artifacts, and local history.

There are three main exhibit areas at the California State Indian Museum, namely Nature, Spirit, and Family. The areas contain prehistoric artifacts including a redwood dugout canoe, hand tools, and more. Experience how native people lived with interactive hands-on displays and activities such as using the pump drill for creating holes in shell beads.

Established in 1940, the California State Indian Museum fills a need for educating the general public on the abundant history of the state’s native tribes which often go unrecognized. Perfect for a field trip destination or an interesting side trip on a family vacation, the California State Indian Museum serves to educate and enlighten.