California’s Great America

California's Great America

Welcome to California's Great America, the 100-acre amusement park located in Santa Clara, California. This highly popular park was first established here in 1976 and has since then welcomed millions of happy guests!

While here your group will be able to enjoy a wide selection of thrill rides, water attractions, live entertainment, and food options. Here is a highlight of some of our favorite rides here at the park:

  • Flight Deck - A visitor favorite steel inverted coaster that holds a Tom Cruise Top Gun theme. (Check out the POV video at the bottom of the page).
  • Gold Striker - A consistent choice for the World's Top 10 Wooden Roller Coasters.
  • Drop Tower - Anxiously await a drop from a 225-foot ascension!
  • Celebration Swings - Great family-friendly classic swing ride.
  • Great Barrier Reef - Large wave pool within the waterpark.
  • White Water Falls - An exciting coaster meets water experience!

While here you will also want to take in a live show and enjoy a good meal at any of the many sit down eateries or concession stands. Grab some pizza at Crocodile Canteen, a sweet treat at French Quarter Funnel Cake, or some of your familiar favorites at Subway, Starbucks, or Panda Express.

If you happen to be here during the holiday season you are in for a real treat, as Winterfest is 'the Bay area's newest and most immersive holiday tradition', allowing you to walk around in a true winter wonderland. All the rides and shows are converted to a festive Christmas theme, and there are ice skating and light shows as well!