Capitol Hill Tour

Capitol Hill

Credit Destination DC

When in the nation’s capital, a trip to Capitol Hill is a must. The historic center for U.S. government, Capitol Hill has housed the meeting areas for the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate since its original building in 1793. The iconic, formidable architecture is notable for representing the foundation of American society with classical elements and a resolute character. For centuries, this building has overseen historical movements, changes, and landmark institutions upholding American laws and freedoms.

From the elegant stoicism of the Rotunda to the subtle glamour of the expertly manicured lawns, Capitol Hill has the creative aesthetics to match any world landmark. The neoclassical architecture resembles many of D.C.’s other sites such as the Jefferson Monument and the White House. Tours focusing on the art of the Brumidi Corridors at the Capitol Building are offered Monday through Friday.

Tours of the Capitol Building are available Monday through Saturday and explore everything from the Crypt and Rotunda to the National Statuary Hall, beginning and ending at the Visitors Center which is in itself a masterpiece. Standing at three-quarters the size of the Capitol Building, the Visitors Center was built underground so as not to detract from the majestic, classic beauty of the Capitol. There you will find exhibits and galleries featuring collections of artifacts and art, two theaters showing orientation films, gift shops, and food service areas.

Visit Capitol Hill and see policy in action. Guide yourself through the grounds or let your group be led through the Capitol Building for a more in-depth look at the U.S. Congress.