Carpe DC Food Tours

Carpe DC Food Tours

Ben's Chili Bowl U Street Courtesy of

Ben's Chili Bowl U Street Courtesy of

Discover the stories of the real DC through the flavors of our guided walking food tours!

With Carpe DC Food Tours your group will enjoy 'delicious and diverse cuisine the district has to offer' while connecting to local culture and history. This walking food tour company has hosted over 7,000 guests to date, all thrilled to explore and indulge in our nation's capital.

There are 3 main walking food tours available through Carpe DC, as well as a handful of special holiday and festival tours throughout the year. Check out more detailed information on the tours below!

  • U Street Food Tour

Sample the classic flavors unique to the district and discover the new tastes that are shaping its culinary evolution as we continue down the street, while stopping to hear stories behind local murals, buildings and sculptures that define the city’s heritage.

                      The U Street Food Tour takes groups on a 1 mile, 3-hour journey through 'DC's jazziest community'. You will discover foods that repaired a rioting city, with 5 tastings from locally-owned eateries. Never heard of a half-smoke? You will be glad you came on this tour!

  • Georgetown Food Tour

More than just a premier shopping destination, Georgetown has a delicious and culturally-diverse history that is sure to surprise you

This food tour allows you to 'taste the diversity of DC's oldest neighborhood, taking you 1.5 miles into Cady's Alley. The tour lasts 3 hours, includes 5 tastings, and allows you to learn all about 'socially conscious street food', local women chefs, and sample a local homemade doughnut delicacy.

  • Boutique Old Town Alexandra Food Tour 

Come taste the flavors that set the backdrop to Alexandria's fascinating evolution and learn where the neighborhood is headed on our Boutique Old Town Food Tour.

Learn all about Old Town Alexandria's evolution from the Revolutionary War till today with this 3 hour, 1-mile tour. Hear historic stories, see classic DC sites, and get a sweet treat or two to boot!