Cathedral of St. John the Baptist


Welcome to the mother church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah, the magnificently gorgeous Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Located on Harris Street, this Roman Catholic Cathedral is rich with history and filled with spirit, an establishment dedicated to enriching spiritual lives and giving back to the Savannah community since it first began on May 30, 1799. Since then, the cathedral has been rebuilt or remodeled on four separate occasions (two due to devastating fires) and has gained a following of over 90 counties in Georgia.

Once here you will learn the history in detail, from the big move of members from Haiti to Savannah and the mistrust by local government of the faith’s true following (many believed they would be loyal to the Spanish in Florida) to the cornerstone setting in 1799. You will also learn about the French Gothic architecture designed by Ephraim Francis Baldwin and learn about how one third of Georgia’s Catholic population once attended this church.

Once here your group will see in person why this cathedral has been called one of the most awe-inspiring buildings in all of historic Savannah and also one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Georgia. This must-see French Gothic southern cathedral is the perfect place to bring your camera in Savannah and go click crazy as you try and capture the spectacular beauty of the interior, from the amazing altar and stained glass windows from 1904 to the elaborately decorated walls and floors. Before you come here remember that there are no visits on Sundays, although you are invited to attend mass if you wish.