Champlain Valley Transportation Museum


Established in 2000 by a group of serious car and history enthusiasts is your next stop at the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum in northern New York. This museum first featured only automobiles but has grown into an expansive exhibit space showcasing many different forms of transportation. Take notice, while you are here, of the Lozier Motor Company’s involvement with this museum’s focus, being the company that built some of the finest vehicles during their time of production in the early 1900s. The museum as a whole is dedicated to exploring, interpreting, and celebrating this region’s rich transportation history. They strive to bridge Champlain Valley’s historic connection to transportation to the future through preservation, education, and collaboration.

Inside the many show rooms you will see a myriad of antique automobiles from the 1903 Oldsmobile and 1910 National Speedster to the 1981 home-built electric town car. Your group will see an authentic old-fashioned doctor’s buggy, model train through the Plattsburgh mini city, and many various Lozier family artifacts. Boats, including an impressive Titanic exhibit, trains, and over 750 diecast models of cars, planes, trains, fire engines, tractors, and the like can also be found throughout the museum. Decide between exploring the expansive museum yourselves or opt for a 1 hour guided tour, which will show you the 1987 built Gizmo ball machine, the robotics program, day camp activities, and allow you to take part in annual festivals and events such as the upcoming Brewfest. This is an exciting and informational stop that isn’t just fun for kids, your students will find themselves playing and learning right along with the younger crowd!