Charleston Waterfront Park

Charleston-SC-pineapple-fountain.jpgA lovely 12-acre, half mile long promenade along the Cooper River, Charleston Waterfront Park offers stunning views and wonderful recreational activities for the whole group to enjoy. Created in 1990, the park earned accolades 17 years later, winning the Landmark Award and also a nod from the National Trust for Historical Preservation.

Unrivaled views of Fort Sumter, the U.S.S. Yorktown, Castle Pinckney, and Charleston Harbor raises Charleston Waterfront Park to a league above the rest. Stroll through the trails lined with old growth oak trees or doze along the Cooper River waterfront beneath palmetto trees swaying in the warm breeze. Historical sites such as a restored replica of a 17th century pier stand for public enjoyment and add to the character of the park. This is a beautiful place to waste an hour or two, to lazy on the grounds with a picnic, or an impromptu Frisbee match with your groupmates. Stay until sunset for a glorious site across the river as the sun lights the water in a brilliant pallet of colors.