Chassidic Brooklyn Walking Tour

New York City has a very rich history of immigrants coming to make a new home, especially immigrants of Jewish heritage. This walking tour of the Crown Heights neighborhood allows visitors to experience an authentic chassidic Jewish Community in an up-close and personal way unlike any tour before. During this moving and educational walking Brooklyn Chassidic Tour, your group will have their eyes opened to the richly diverse community and will get to see sites not generally accessible to the public. Engage in interactive discussions about Jewish and Chassidic tradition, culture, and lifestyles while learning all you can about this community, and the Jewish community in general.

Topics such as Mysticism and the Kabbalah will be discussed in length, in between thrilling visits to close by Jewish sites such as the Chabad - Lubavitch Headquarters, the Main Synagogue, the Rabbinical Study Hall in which you will see Holy Scripts bound. There will be a Kosher lunch provided by the tour company during this "one of a kind, personal, and powerful tour," and you will also have the opportunity to ask the Rabbi who led your tour any personal questions about his religion, lifestyle, and culture. This tour is one extremely enlightening, eye-opening, and extraordinarily educational trek through the city that really allows you to see a different world, right here in New York.