Holly Springs National Forest

Memphis explorers will truly enjoy a restful stop at Holly Springs National Forest, otherwise known as the “Lands of Many Uses.” A quiet and inviting woodland refuge split asunder by deep gullies, dotted with dozens of hidden lakes and thickly forested, the park is a breathtaking feast for the eyes year-round. In Spring the dogwood blooms, inviting visitors for easy hikes and pleasant weather, while Autumn casts a splendorous glow making it seem as if the hills are afire.

The woods and wetlands provide resident and migratory wildlife ample natural space and excellent spotting and fantastic bird-watching opportunities abound for you. Holly Springs National Forest is the perfect place to bring a camera, fishing pole, favorite read or picnic lunch and sneak away from a demanding travel agenda. Revel in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy magnificent views of 260-acre Chewalla Lake from the campground area, once an Indian Burial site, all wound about with miles of well-marked, scenic hiking trails. Kick back on the beach, stalk the elusive wild mushroom, do a little bird watching, explore the tiny island on Chewalla’s western shore,jump in a kayak and paddle to your heart’s content or go for a refreshing swim.

Just eight miles away, the plantation town of Holly Springs awaits, offering visitors a fascinating look at the old South when cotton was king. Explore the many well-preserved homes, slave dwellings, museums, churches and other popular points of interest, then sit down and order up some tasty Southern fare at one of the great eateries in Holly Springs, the “Antebellum Capitol” of the mid-south!