Chicago Academy of Sciences

butterfly-374087_1920-700x460The Chicago Academy of Sciences is located in Chicago, Illinois. The museum was the first of its kind in the west. It was founded in 1857. The student group will have the opportunity to explore exhibits and collections. They also offer programs and other special events. Your group can view several different exhibits. These include: Nature's Struggle: Survival and Extinction, The Dreams of Martha Watercolors by Kristina Knowski, The Judy Istock Butterfly Haven, Prairie Splendor Photography by Frank Mayfield, Rare Nature: The Endangered Species Print Project, the Beecher Collections Laboratory, the Extreme Greenhouse, and Heritage of the Chicago Academy of Sciences.

The Beecher Collections Laboratory exhibit was named after William J. Beecher who was a legendary former director of the museum. Students will find scientists engaging in “real taxidermy.” Animals include: bison, skunks, coyotes, and many others. Student groups can participate in field trips and workshops. They will walk through the museum’s indoor and outdoor exhibits. You can choose a theme for the experience. Featured themes include: Insects & More, Midwest Ecosystems, Collections & Specimens, and Conservation. Workshops include the following: Bugs Alive, Animals up Close, From Soil to Plate, and Metamorphosing Monarchs. Come with your student group and see this unique science museum!