Chicago Greektown

Chicago Greektown

Culture, history, sightseeing, shopping, and great eating all in one, how could you not make time for this stop? Chicago’s Greektown is one of the most entertaining and culturally enlightening neighborhoods to explore, a Halsted street community known for its Hellenic history, authentic foods and festivals, and unique shopping. 

Within the confines of this community, located in Chicago’s Near West Side, your group will find an experience best explained by the area’s motto: ‘Our culture. Your adventure’. Diverse culture exploration awaits, the story of the greek community members from their first 1840 arrival to the growing interest in their foods and traditions told well in the festivals, storefronts, and museums throughout the community.

Save plenty of time to appreciate the architecture about the area, the Nautilus Sculpture and Parthenon Guest House great examples, not to mention the National Hellenic Museum. The Old World traditions of the community can be seen in the stores and eateries throughout, both language and foodwise. Head to Athena or Meli Cafe for an authentic bite to eat, or make a b line for Gyro-Mena and see why the city of Chicago went crazy for this community's gyros when first introduced to the nation.


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