Chihuly Gardens and Glass

Chihuly Gardens and Glass

Located next to the iconic Space Needle at the Seattle Center is the creative masterpiece attraction, the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Using the artistic works of sculptor and glass artist Dale Chihuly, the Garden and Glass museum strives to inspire the public and show off the region's culture and creative energy. Visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass to experience the true spirit of Seattle and the creative devotion of the Pacific Northwest that makes this region unique.

The Glasshouse is the centerpiece of the property, designed as a beautiful 40-foot tall steel and glass conservatory housing eight art galleries and three Drawing Walls. Throughout the 4,500 square foot facility and in the garden is a variety of glass sculptures that push the bounds of the artistic medium. Look above your head and see one of the largest suspended glass sculptures, a 100-foot long creation of blown glass flowers that catch the light of the glass building and shines. Visit the Garden where nature is an aesthetic backdrop to the presentation of the art such as the Icicle Towers, Reeds on Logs, or the gorgeous masterpiece, the Sun, a brilliant yellow-orange creation standing among the foliage.

Groups are more than welcome at the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Guided and self-guided tours are available daily as well as special programs for youth and school trips. If you prefer to go it alone but want more information, take advantage of the audio tours or pick up some more information on the art and artist at the bookstore. If you still want to learn more about the art, visit the Theater to see short videos on Chihuly's creative process, listen to lectures, and attend various events such as the Daily Spotlight Talks.  

Bring your group to a destination with art, culture, and visual excitement on your next group trip.


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