Christian Broadcasting Network

One of the most popular family destinations in Virginia Beach, the Christian Broadcasting Network offers a personal behind-the-scenes look at their 685 acres of various television and ministry related business. The Christian Broadcasting Network is a well known global ministry whose goal is to prepare the world for religious events through mass media. CBN has broadcasted their ‘Good News’ in 147 countries and 62 languages. Being one of the most fast paced and thought provoking Christian television shows on air today, CBN provides you with the opportunity to be a studio guest on the nationally televised 700 Club. As a part of the studio audience the visitor is encouraged to interact during the show with further questions and comments related to the subject matter.

The CBN complex includes the TV studio, corporate support building, adjoining Regent University campus, and hotel Founders Inn, all of which you may tour after the show. These Georgian style buildings include various specially commissioned oil paintings and sculptures throughout that offer another facet of education and amusement, as well as a cutting edge library on campus.