Christmas at Disney World

Just like the festive holiday traditions found in California, Christmastime in the Sunshine State will provide guests with some of the most magical, unexpected, and unforgettable moments possible. Where in Florida, you may be asking, can you find such spectacular holiday wonders? Walt Disney World, of course!

Walt Disney World, the highly popular U.S theme park getaway, is one of the top-selling holiday attractions for families year after year. There is just something about seeing Mickey and his whole gang singing and dancing in the warm regions of the Sunshine State that really says ‘Merry Christmas’! While this entire park is an absolute sparkling delight during the Christmas season (Mid-November thru Early January), there are definitely a few more specific events and attractions you should be aware of during the holidays.

*If you read the last blog about Disneyland, you'll find that several of the festivities on the list may seem quite similar. While the point of some events (i.e candlelight processional, Mickey parade, firework show, etc) may be the same in both locations, the feeling you will get from them, the one of a kind scenery in the backdrop, and the park themselves will be so different, there's no way you can compare them!

So let's get started and share with you our all-time favorite Disney World holiday treats!

  • Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party - Walt Disney World Resort
    Tons of live entertainment from all your favorite Mickey friends, a firework display, and a parade all from 7 pm to midnight nightly at the park!
  • Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration - Walt Disney World Resort 
    A new stage show that fills the air with Christmas spirit, cheer, and even some snowflakes!
  • Candlelight Processional - Epcot
    A full 50-piece orchestra, a finely tuned choir, and one guest celebrity narrator will all come together to tell you the Christmas story as you've never heard it told before. 
  • Main Street Snowfall - Walt Disney World Resort
    It doesn't typically snow here in Orlando, but on Main Street during the holiday season, it does! Enjoy a few flakes of Christmas spirit as you marvel at the gorgeously decorated building fronts.
  • Jingle Cruise - Magic Kindom/Adventureland
    The familiar Jungle Cruise with a hearty holiday twist. . . you'll want to ride this one a few times!
  • Castle Dream Lights - Walt Disney World Resort
    'A Frozen Wish', will light up the iconic Disney castle at the end of the night, a spectacular sight to see!
  • Starbright Holidays Show - An Intel Collaboration - Walt Disney World Resort
    Witness 300 'show drones' tell a magical story in the sky with dozens of illuminated lights and tunes, a completely new sort of holiday entertainment.
  • Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM - Walt Disney World Resort
    Get ready for the all-new Santa spectacular show filled with the very best in Disney special effects, music, fireworks, and even snow! 
  • IllumiNations: Reflections of the Earth - Epcot
    Fireworks, laser works, and waterworks all come together to make this outstanding display of holiday fun!
  • Christmas Tree Trail - Disney Springs
    Head to Once Upon a Toy land at Disney Springs and wander your way through an assortment of marvelously decorated trees, sure to get anyone in your group in the Christmas spirit.
  • JOYFUL! Gospel Celebration - Epcot
    Gospel, R&B, and jazz all combine in the most beautiful way to soothe your soul and send you into a Christmas-tizzy at this performance.
  • Disney's Holiday D-Lights
    A 5-hour tour that will show you all there is to know about how the holidays work here at Disney ($250).

Watch a sneak peek of this year's Florida festivities here! USA Today

**Most attractions are open through January 8th, 2017.