Church History Museum

Owned and operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Church History Museum is perhaps the second most popular attraction located in Salt Lake City's Temple Square.

The history and culture of Salt Lake City would be unformed and misshapen without the influence of the Mormon Church and here's the museum to prove it! With exhibits and collections explaining and applauding the history of the LDS church from Joseph Smith to Brigham Young and beyond, the Church History Museum is perhaps the single most important history museum to the LDS faith.

Found at the west gates of Temple Square, the Church History Museum is committed to telling an accurate and faithful history of the church through artifacts, stories and testimonies, as well as the exodus of believers who made their way to Utah to found the City of Salt Lake. Exhibits and permanent collections range in topic from the story of Jesus to Joseph Smith's revelation and prophecy, the ministry of each President of the Church over time, and even women in the church. Explore the facility and find artifacts such as items utilized in miracles of healing, carpentry tools owned by Brigham Young, objects from the Temple in Nauvoo, Illinois, as well as paintings depicting Joseph Smith's journey as told in the Book of Mormon.

The Church History Museum is but one location on the expansive Temple Square complex open for visitors. Educational groups may also enjoy exploring the Beehive House, the Lion House, and the several other historic sites located on the grounds of Temple Square.