City Market


The Charleston City Market, or Centre Market more officially, is the widely popular four-block city market sitting in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. This historic market complex makes up the cultural heart of the city and is actually one of the nation’s oldest public markets, opened in 1804. City market plays the leading role in the preservation of local customs and vibrant American history. The entire complex is over 13,000 square feet and contains over 300 vendors weekly selling wares of food, arts and crafts, and other local treasures. This building was designed originally by architect Edward Brickell White and is so popular today that it is considered Charleston's number one most visited location. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring plenty of money so you can fully enjoy all Centre Market has to offer your group.

While here you will be able to meet locals, shop for souvenirs, take a tour of the neighborhood, or sample local cuisine, none of which you will walk away dissatisfied with. The various objects being sold have a wide range of subject, including bath and body, crafts, books, fine art, garden, food, pet, stoneware, woodwork, leather, and jewelry. The greatest thing about all this is that it is all made locally! Look for the Certified Authentic Handmade seal on each product, ensuring one hundred percent that it was made locally, by any of the many passionate entertainers, artisans, or artists that each do their part in supporting and boosting local economy. Choose the daily daytime market or the seasonal night market, each littered with delicious foods and live music, making it more like a city wide party or festival at times. Be sure to pick up a sweet grass basket before you go, these historic winnow rice baskets made as they were in the plantation days!