Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium’s mission is to create and present enlightening experiences that inspire wonder in learning about space and science and to promote greater public awareness of the science in our daily lives. - Clark Planetarium

This Salt Lake City iconic planetarium is one of the best places you can take your science-hungry student group while visiting, this spot offering guests experiences within the captivating world of space and science!

Clark Planetarium sits within The Gateway in Salt Lake City, first opened under this name in 2003, though it has an over 50-year history here as the historic Hansen Planetarium. The planetarium is the go-to destination for any aged visitor with an interest in discovering and learning. There are several educational outreach programs and hands-on exhibits offered here, as well as the two onsite IMAX and dome theaters that present educational films and laser light shows.

Ther are 3 full floors of free, hands-on exhibits, broken up into 3 main categories; Earth, Near Earth, and Beyond. Experience things like a giant tornado and a human earthquake within the Earth section, then explore space weather and solar flares within Near Earth. In Beyond you will explore planetary processes and star sizes, plus so much more!

Be sure to check if there are any shows happening during your visit, which there likely will be, within the Hansen Dome or Northrop Grumman Theater, with examples such as Extreme Weather 3D, Perfect Little Planet, and Secrets of the Universe 3D.