Clayton Island Tours

The Clayton Island Tours run every year from May to September along the peaceful and gorgeous border of Northern New York and Southern Ontario. This tourline travels through the grandeur and beauty of the 1000 Island region, a true sightseer’s paradise and highly popular outdoor destination in this area. Let the professional tour guides share the legends and lore behind the islands on this either 1.5 or 3 hour scenic tour. Your group will explore the mysteries of the secret island treasures, the wonder of the elaborate castles, get an underwater view of the sea life, and gain exclusive knowledge with these budget savvy tours (even your pocketbook will be happy!). On any tour you choose you will get the most magnificent views of the premier sights around here, from the Great Lakes freighters to the many historical lighthouses.

The Rock Island Lighthouse-Glass Bottom Boat cruise is one of the most exciting and unique tours offered in the entire state, a touring vessel with a translucent, glass floor! View the exciting and busy underwater life down below or the historical towers and buildings on the land above. There is also the Boldt Castle Two Nation tour, which will take you along the international shoreline to show you castles, homes, history, and folklore. More specialized tours exist as well, such as the Wine and Cheese, Pizza and Wing, Sunset, and Tie the Nautical Knot cruises. There are also holiday festivals, annual events, and private parties on these boats frequently. Your group is really going to enjoy this maritime adventure around these spectacular islands!