Clinton Presidential Library

Any Clinton fans or politics buffs in your group are going to go crazy for this next stop at the Clinton Presidential Library, a veritable political paradise! The library is part of the Presidential Center and Park and sits on the banks of the Arkansas River, on 29 acres of beautifully maintained grounds with walking trails. There are several foundations that your group will see on the grounds here, such as the Clinton Foundation and the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service. The library itself contains archival collections and research facilities, both which contain exhibits, special event spaces, and educational programs. The American presidency is part of a unique heritage and your group has the opportunity to explore the various archives, museums, and special programs that preserve that documents and artifacts of our president and provide insight into times in which the presidents lived and served the nation.

bill-clinton-356132_1280In particular, your group will see information about the Clinton campaign, his inauguration, and special policy, as well as exhibits on his first lady Hillary as well as vice president Al Gore. Over 100,000 gifts given to Clinton during his presidency are kept here, as well as replicas of the oval office and cabinet room, documents, photos, videos, interactive stations to further your immersive experience. There will be plenty of replicas within the library, a theater, the presidential limo, and ever changing exhibits such as the current Chihuly glass art exhibit, or the timelines and alcoves that highlight domestic and foreign policy, as well as life in the White House. Make sure you stop by the museum store to pick up your very own Clinton souvenirs or head over to the on site restaurant, Forty Two, for some delicious Clinton favorites.