Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial home 3The capital of Virginia before the Revolutionary War, Williamsburg has continuously preserved the importance of American history. The most significant and popular attraction in the city is Colonial Williamsburg, a living history restoration of the original capital city representing colonial America. In this charming 18th century town you’ll see homes, businesses, museums, and a church representative of the era. History interpreters carry out daily activities of the farms and throughout city, building fences, planting crops, and conducting secretive meetings on the revolution.

Many of the buildings on site are original structures while others are moved or reconstructed like the Governor's Palace, stunning Capitol building of Virginia, and more. Eat authentic meals based on 18th century recipes, tour a real medicinal herb garden, and explore history through a mental hospital, the first of its kind in North America. Art museums, authentic 18th century furniture sales, and house museums open up a myriad of opportunities to experience the colonial past.

From the authentic homes to the quaint general stores, in this town you can truly step back in time and understand colonial and Revolutionary America like never before. Colonial Williamsburg is a fascinating American tradition your whole group will enjoy.