Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

Prepare yourselves for a wild encounter at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, the local nonprofit sanctuary for wolves and wild canines.

This AZA-accredited institution provides several different choices for guided tours and conservation programs, each option focusing on conservation, education, and preservation. The tours will give you close up views of the animals, information on the species and ecosystem, and realistic information on what has happened to these now endangered animals (fur industry, canned hunts, human fear, etc).

Here are your tour options while visiting:

*Note that all tours involve walking and each last about an hour roughly. Also, note that this center is closed on Mondays.

  • Meet and Greet Encounter - Meet a couple of residents, Keyini and Makuee and learn all about them!
  • VIP Encounter - Get more one on one time with the animals, which include the gray wolf, arctic wolf, Mexican gray wolf, red fox, swift fox, fennec fox, coyote, ravens, and magpies, and take home photo souvenirs of your time.
  • Feeding Tour - Watch as the guides feed the animals and learn all about them.
  • Fox Photo - Get a commemorative photo with a family of red fox.
  • Full Moon Tour - A once-a-month-tour that occurs on a Saturday night each time.
  • Full Moon Feeding Tour - The once-a-month-tour experience with an added feeding.
  • Ultimate Alpha Tour - Get up close and personal with both the wolves and the foxes!

Don't forget your big group howl before you go!!