Compare Cities Fast With This Interactive Infographic


When choosing between two destinations, travelers could spend hours researching nightlife, restaurants, culture, museums, and so on trying to decide which city is best. We've found an incredible, interactive infographic that brings research time down to a matter of mere minutes.

With City Showdown, users can compare four different aspects of a city -- culture, transportation and hospitality, when to visit and what to do, and "the happiness factor." Once you've selected your biggest destination factor, you can pick the two big cities you're stuck between, and the graphic does the work for you.

In the culture section, compare number of landmarks, museums, theaters, sports arenas, special events, coffee shops and more. If transportation is your biggest concern, get the fast numbers on cab fares, public costs, walkability, airport ratings and beyond. Want to know when the best time to visit is? Find out rain percentages, influx in hotel rates, high and low temperatures, and everything else you'll need to pick the perfect visiting month. If your only real concern is the quality of life for those in the city, "the happiness factor" will calculate things like crime and unemployment, housing costs, education scores, average income and a few other facts that will make you confident in your choice.

Ready to compare? Click here. Happy hunting!