Contemporary Art Museum – Houston

Contemporary Art Museum - Houston

Located in the heart of Houston's Museum District you will find an unmissable stainless steel structure, the home of the iconic Houston Contemporary Art Museum. This non-collecting, always free, American Alliance of Museums facility presents the 'best and most exciting international, national, and regional art of our time'.

The structure itself was built in 1948 by award-winning architect Gunnar Birkerts. The layout is set up in a way that allows for 6-8 exhibits a year within the 2 floors. The art seen throughout the museum comes in several different forms, such as exhibits, lectures, publications, and educational programs. The collection as a whole is meant to speak upon the role of art in modern life.

Visit the Brown Foundation Gallery for some international contemporary work, or perhaps head over to the Nina and Michael Zilkha space and see artists who have emerged early, and with much excellence. Student Groups will enjoy participating in a guided tour or curriculum-based workshop, all workshops meant to enhance ideas and perspectives and allow students to make the connection between art and everyday life.