The Country’s Best Donuts

Cupcake SaleAt Adventure Student Travel, there are a few things we take very seriously -- customizing group trips, creating an unforgettable memory for your class.....and baked goods. Specifically, baked goods that are also fried and glazed and delicious.


That's right -- we're talking about donuts.


We do not discriminate against these donuts -- sprinkles, long johns, carmels, cinnamon, pineapple, and of course, the traditional glazed all have a spot in our hearts.


And so, without further ado, we present the list of the top donuts in the country, by city, as chosen by a variety of donut-expertise sources. Kick back with your pastry of choice, and enjoy.





Austin, TX


Big. Fat. Doughnuts. That's what Gourdough's can promise. Running on only two years of business and out of a vintage Airstream Trailer, these doughnut gurus keep Austin weird with treats named "Son of a Peach," "Blue Balls," "Slow Burn," "Mother Clucker" and more. Thriving in a city that takes individuality very seriously, you even have the option to create your own concoction.


Brooklyn, NY


Celebrated pastry chef Fany Gerson runs a tight ship at Dough, where "every bite of every doughnut combines some of the most unique and unexpected flavor combinations that awaken our senses and unlock memories of comforting food." From totally organic to Latin American inspired ingredients, Dough knows doughnuts aren't just for blue collar breakfasters -- they are a high class affair.


Chicago, IL

Doughnut Vault

Keeping things fresh and interesting, Doughnut Vault picks one original donut each day, and serves only that "from 8am until we run out." Each day is a surprise, and always a treat. Take it from Facebook reviewer Chris Benson -- "Doughnut vault destroyed my ability to enjoy other forms of doughnuts. I almost want to give it 1 star because I don't live in Chicago anymore and I've gone through so much pain just trying to eat other places. Let me know when you guys start mailing doughnuts." We feel your pain, Chris. Developing an unrequited donut love can be a heartbreaker.


Denver, CO

Glazed and Confused

"Not your daddy's donuts!" Glazed and Confused proudly proclaims. These aren't donut chefs, they're donut artists. G&C is a traveling donut business, setting up camp in a different coffee shop each day to fulfill a new audience. Head artist Josh Schwab handmakes each pastry utilizing only organic, sustainable and local ingredients. Try the PuffyNutz, a donut-croissant hybrid.


Minneapolis, MN

Glam Doll Donuts

Glam Doll invites you to step into the past with an aesthetic designed by Arwyn Birch, taking anything from retro aprons to fabulous frocks and stitching up a piece of the past to sprinkle it with new. The menu, created by Teresa Fox, is handcrafted from her grandmother's recipes to create classic but distinct flavors, as she believes "donuts leave no room for subtlety and aim for bold expressions of flavor." For the wild, try the Femme Fatale filled donut. For the tame, the Girl Next Door.


Philadelphia, PA

Federal Donuts

Sometimes, breakfast isn't enough. Federal Donuts knows that, and so, they offer a bit of lunch to go with your donuts. Ever paired a sprinkle cake with a fried chicken leg? Philadelphians do it all the time! Every order of juicy chicken comes paired with Japanese cucumber pickles and a fresh honey donut. It's the best of both worlds at Federal.


Portland, OR

Blue Star Donuts

In classic Portlandia style, these donuts are artisanal, made from a classic brioche recipe that originated in the south of France. Made fresh daily with all local and organic products, Blue Star has had to issue a public apology that they cannot ship to the thousands of customers who have been won over. Be sure to check out the PBJ donut.


St. Louis, MO

Old Town Donuts

Located in a small suburb outside the big city, this donut shop is the only one on our list that's open 24/7, and cooks up a fresh batch of donuts three times daily. OTD has been family-owned for more than 40 years, and has an employee age range from 15 all the way to 92-years-young. The most traditional store on our list, customers have become regulars, and for many, walking into the store feels like walking into a second home. This atmosphere paired with a variety of perfectly moist donuts makes Old Town stand out in a crowd.