Creation Museum

Faith based tourism is a thriving industry for travel hungry groups, and one that brings in plenty of business for museums like Petersburg, Kentucky's Creation Museum. This religiously themed interactive museum holds 75,000 square feet of fun learning, with over 160 exhibits that work together to bring "the pages of the Bible to life."

Created by the Christian Creationist apologetics ministry, the Creation Museum takes the words of Genesis as literal truth and displays them for interested visitors. Their mission is to grant answers to life's biggest mysteries, historic happenings, and wonders of the universe. Over 60,000 square feet you'll encounter explanations of the beliefs of Creationism, telling their story of the Earth as only 6,000 years old, the origins of the planet, and even their beliefs regarding scientific understandings of evolution and more. 

This Young Earth learning center takes characters and animals from the Bible and puts them in a more familiar and accessible setting, allowing you to interact with and view Noah’s Ark, the Garden of Eden, and even dinosaurs - yep, that’s right, dinosaurs! The complex holds a remarkable design to compliment the remarkable information inside, as well as a stunning 40 foot portico, a special effect theater, an onsite planetarium, eateries, stores, a petting zoo, and three different gardens full of plants and animals!