Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad

Cripple Creek offers your group a lot of activities as you’ve seen, and this next stop is no exception, featuring a two-in-one journey that overlaps in purpose and educational, historical, and cultural information. The Cripple Creek District Museum was built in 1953 in order to preserve the history of the city. This museum is comprised of five different historic buildings including the 1893 Colorado Trading and Transfer Building and the 1895 Midland Terminal Railroad Depot. The exhibits inside cover railroad history, mining memorabilia, maps, paintings, glass and china, furnishings, a photo gallery, American Indian art, and interactive mining displays. Your group will have the chance to take a tour of the two turn of the century old cabins, one furnished exactly as a miner during the gold rush days would have it, and two Victorian apartments. You can even stop by one of many gift shops within the city.

colorado-114854_1280Next, your group will board the 1976 Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad, an all-time family favorite attraction within this historic city. On this railroad, you can journey back into gold rush history and also into the scenic heart of the Rocky Mountains. The steam locomotive itself was tenderly restored and will take you winding through four miles of the mining district, stopping at special points of interest as well as great photo opportunities along the way. On this ride, your group will see the historic 1894 station house, the reconstructed trestle crossing point, and a deserted mining town south of Cripple Creek. Together these two attractions will astound and entertain your group to the fullest, and you’ll definitely enjoy the scenic ride!