Cripple Creek

cripple-creek-893516_1280Cripple Creek is reputedly the world’s greatest gold camp, established as a historical district granting visitors a look into the past and an adventure in the present. The rich and colorful history comes alive with the several various museums and tours while the surrounding Pike National Forest provides your group with a treasure trove of outdoor recreational opportunities. Explore this region’s natural wonders as you take a trip off the beaten path with your choice of hiking, biking, rock climbing, wildlife watching, or birding. You can also take part in any water or snow sports, depending on the season, as well as horseback riding and hunting. This town is located on the southwest slopes of Pike’s Peak, a century old location that features a plethora of information about local flora and fauna, as well as the Colorado gold rush.

At Cripple Creek  you can visit state-of-the-art facilities, take part in world class shopping and dining, camp, or enjoy live entertainment at the Butte Theatre. Your group will find a historic railroad, four different museums, a visitor center, a heritage center, a historic jail, a historic fire station, and the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine. The visitor center was built in 2012, featuring exhibits on everything from railroad development to mountain men and Native American heritage. Your group can explore information on modern mining procedures, historical photos, ore and core, and the daily uses of minerals taken from mines like Cripple Creek. Take in the gold rush culture to its fullest with many interactive activities throughout this whole town, or take a tour down 1,000 feet underground in a historic mine on location. There’s so much to do and learn here, your group will be pleasantly busy the whole visit!