Crown Point Historic Site

The Crown Point Historic Site is an original 18th century structure sitting on a peninsula in Crown Point, New York, that provides highly valued historic information and revolutionary patriotic information. This was the very site of the 1734-59 French occupation of the limestone fortress Fort Frederic, as well as the 1759 lavishly built British Fort Crown Point. In 1759 Fort Frederic was abandoned by the French and the British quickly began "His majesty’s Fort of the Crown Point," an extremely ambitious fortification complex that ultimately contributed to the British conquest of Canada and Lake Champlain area. Soon after, American troops had their hand at this spot during the Revolutionary War, then it was handed over to the Union and Columbia Colleges after the American Revolution. The state of New York gained control of this location in 1910.

Once the state held possession the land was used for pasture and orchard lands, then quickly turned back over to the people as a historical site and park that is very highly visited today. Explore the ruins of these structures and tour the newly renovated museum. The museum holds an auditorium with an award-winning multimedia presentation that provides an orientation to the site. Tour the exhibits and grounds, which includes the Champlain Memorial Lighthouse. These grounds are also often used as campgrounds, outdoor recreation sites, and the obvious history buff adventure area.