Cruise Offers Tours Focused on Climate Change

One cruise line is not being shy about the controversy of climate change, as they'll be offering a 31-day trip navigating the Northwest Passage, around Alaska and into the Beaufort Sea, through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, and onto Greenland before ending in New York City.

Crystal Cruises calls this trip "a once in a lifetime expeditionary voyage," giving wildlife enthusiasts a chance to see certain creatures in their habitat that are near extinction. The path has only been navigatable for a few years, due to melting ice caps.

Along with seeing polar bears, narwhals, caribou and humpback whales, travelers will also have the opportunity to go kayaking in protected bays and trekking in the tundra with professional guides and scientists, as well as taking a tour of the environment in small Zodiacs.

The Climate Change Cruise is set to sail in early 2016. More information can be found here.