Cry Innocent

The year is 1692, and local lady Bridget Bishop is accused of witchcraft with you as the audience and Puritan jury which decides her fate! In this 45-minute "The People vs Bridget Bishop," show your group will hear historic testimonies, cross examine the witness, and ultimately decide the verdict! Play your part in history in this longest continuously running show north of Boston, a show that has been featured on Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, A&E, Nickelodeon, TLC, NPR, MTV, and BBC. With a public track record like that, it’s hard not to want to come check out what locals and tourists alike are calling "the coolest Salem witch trial in history"!

During the show, the actors will respond to any audience participation in full character, revealing much about the Puritan mindset and putting visitors back into that time period and state of mind. Gordon College’s professional acting ensemble in residence here will delight you with their fun and active performance, and if you get here 10 minutes early you can see Bridget Bishop being accused and arrested in the town square. Enjoy this show and its central location at Salem’s Old Town Hall in Derby Square, an architectural delight in itself!