Dearly Departed Tours

If you are craving a true haunting thrill while in Los Angeles head to Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood and get a tour from ‘Hollywood’s authority celebrity death source’ since 1994, Scott Michaels. Michaels, the founder of Dearly Departed Tours, lays claim to the ‘dark side of Hollywood’ and goes out of his way to ensure guests to his tour company leave with a new fact about Hollywood deaths, as well as a haunting memory of their touring journey. Any of his many tours will allow you to explore various cases involving celebrity deaths or Hollywood murders, the tour company as a whole receiving constant 5-star ratings plus TripAdvisors Certificate of Excellence. No wonder the E Show, Anthony Bourdain, Ghost Adventures, Hollywood Death Trip, and American Horror Story have all featured or mentioned this sinister tour line!

Once here you and your group will have the hard decision to make of which tour you actually want to take, be it the main one that will explore cases involving Manson, Janis, Whitney, and Micael Jackson as well as visit the final resting places of Marilyn, Natalie, and Farrah, or any of the other wide-ranged options. On any tour with this multimedia bus tour you will hear 911 calls, recorded audio, and see real-life crime scene photos, each element adding in something more unearthly about the case at hand. You may also choose between the Tragical History Tour, Helter Skelter Tour, G-G-G Ghost Tour, Nasty Nellie Oleson Tour, Hollywood Movie Tour, CarpenTour, or one of our favorites, the Horror Film Location Tour, showcasing the spots where such gruesome scenes were filmed from movies such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Nightmare on Elm Street, Zombieland, and Scream 2. Get ready to get scared!