DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun

The DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun is one of Tucson’s finest displays of local art, this historic landmark and local art gallery all in one being one of the most popular places to visit for art-lovers in the Southwest region. Considered to be an ‘artistic manifestation and architectural construction by Ettore degrazia_mission‘Ted’ DeGrazia’, this property consists of a series of buildings scattered throughout the natural desert setting known to Tucson. Located on Swan Road, visitors can typically spend just around two full hours here exploring it all. This art museum features specifically Southwestern pieces of work, more specifically work done by Ted DeGrazia's himself. There are over 10 acres of land here within this historic district, however, so there is a lot more to see here than just the spectacular paintings.

Your group will discover exactly why this is a favorite spot for both locals and visitors once you get here, the museum itself set into the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, first established here in 1950. You will see the inner workings of DeGrazia’s ‘rebellious approach and passionate depiction of Southwestern life’, his art holding so much to be learnt about local culture and people. The permanent collection here consists of six different painting collections that ‘trace historic events and native cultures of the southwest’, our favorites including the Retrospective Collection and DeGrazia Paints Cabeza deVaca Collection.

School Tours here will focus on the importance of children's art as well as the history of the original buildings on site. Walk through the original DeGrazia home, see the burial site, and walk through each gallery while learning more about the history, philosophy, mediums, and techniques used by DeGrazia. You will also learn about Native American legends and ceremonies, desert folklore, and even how to recycle objects for the sake of art! Be sure to save enough time to see the Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in the Sun building, as well as the art-stocked gift shop on campus.