Dells Mining Co.

Dells Mining Co.

"Mine for Pleasure - Take Home a Treasure"

For a fun interactive learning experience while in The Wisconsin Dells head to Dells Mining Co., the locally-loved and completely unique gemstone mining experience!

Dells Mining Co. allows guests to mine their own gemstones, panning for natural precious and semi-precious metals from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to work the rich soil shipped directly from the minefields of Franklin, North Carolina, the 'gem capital of the United States'.

You will find such gemstones as amethyst, blue topaz, ruby, emerald, sapphire, and much more during your dig. After you've find the stones, the on-hand experts will identify them and explain each to you. The best part? You get to keep anything you find! You can even head to the Dells Mining Rock Shop and Jewelry Store onsite and make your own piece of jewelry by pairing your findings up with any 14k gold or sterling silver mounts.

The goal of this company is to 'provide customers with superior quality gemstones with outstanding service', something they do quite well, as you will see during your visit!