Delmarva Discovery Center & Museum

Delmarva Discovery Center & Museum

Welcome to the Delmarva Discovery Center & Museum, the nature and cultural history center that sits on the Pocomoke River in Delmarva, just about 45 minutes from Ocean City.

This center serves as a source of learning and discovery for the public through the presentation and interpretation of it's cultural and natural heritage. It is a living museum for all ages, providing immersive and engaging exhibits that take you on a timeless journey through Delmarva and the surrounding Cypress Swamp.

The exhibits you will find within cover river ecology and the human history of both the river and the city. Here's a quick list of what to expect to see inside the 16,000 square foot, 1920's era building;

  • The Beaver Lodge
  • The Cypress Swamp
  • Birds Exhibit
  • Live Touch Pool - Touch and learn about horseshoe crabs, whelks, and more.
  • Living Exhibits - Meet critters like resident otters Mac and Tuck
  • Colonial Exhibit
  • Life-Sized Steamship
  • Delmarva History
  • Wharf Life - Learn what the land was like in the 19th century...grain, corn, tobacco, etc.

There are several additional education options here such as animal encounters, guided tours, guided scavenger hunts, nature walks along the Discovery Nature Trail, Crittercrafts, and the Nature Detectives Program. You can extend your educational journey by visiting the nearby attractions of the Sturgis One Room Schoolhouse and Mar-Va Theatre as well.