Deluxe Dome Railcars

Taking passengers on a 7-8 hour leisurely trip from Denali to Anchorage, or vice versa, the Deluxe Dome Railcar is the perfect way to comfortably travel through the wilderness of Alaska while still catching all the scenery. The company, owned by Carnival Cruise Lines, offers 10 fully functional train cars and has been in operation since 2004. Each car can hold 86-88 passengers and comes with its own personal host guide. The upper dome level in which your group will be sitting features curved glass dome windows which offer 360 degree unbeatable views of the railway, and the lower section holds an observation lounge and gift shop. The lower level also features a widely popular restaurant in which you can find gourmet local delicacies such as reindeer chili and wild Alaskan salmon.tram-585916_1280

During your trek to Anchorage your group will have ample opportunities to view popular landmarks and abundant Alaskan wildlife. Just north of Talkeetna you will cross an impressive (or unsettling) 918 foot Hurricane Gulch trestle, which will take the deluxe dome railcar 296 feet above the snake-like creek below. Your group will also be taken across the photographic area known as Broad Pass, the highest point on the Alaska Railroad, reaching an astounding 2,363 feet. Views of Denali will be spectacular from the train, as will the opportunities to see local wildlife such as bears, moose, eagles, beavers, wolves, and swans. Ride in style as you enjoy the great Alaskan scenery with this unique experience on the Deluxe Dome Railcars!